Supervision: I am a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor (Individuals):

- As a supervisor I have experience of working with counsellors-in-training; experienced counsellors; supervisors of counsellors; managers of counselling agencies; mental health professionals and social workers.
- My supervisees work with children, young people and adults presenting with a range of issues.
- My supervisees work within a range of theoretical modalities and I am comfortable adapting to their individual requirements to fully meet them in our work together.
- I supervise individuals and groups.

Questions which may help you consider what you would like from a supervisor and a supervisory relationship:
- What is it you are looking for within supervision?
- How often would you like to meet and for how long?
- What would you like from me in this relationship?

What I would like to offer:
A space for you to explore your client work and any resulting issues, in safety and without judgement. At all times, confidentiality regarding yourself and your clients will be maintained.

As a supervisor, I work towards creating a relationship where there is support, challenge, respect and dialogue, where supervisor and supervisee are learning and discovering together, in the form of a 'collaborative inquiry'. (Merry,1999)

I see this relationship as 'free of threat whereby the supervisee can explore in a non-defensive way what the counselling relationship means to her/him.' (Merry, 1999) It also offers the opportunity for the supervisee to reflect on how she experiences herself in relationship with her clients.

By creating a relationship together which offers mutual warmth, trust, genuineness and respect, we can establish a safe environment in which our work can take place. I hold a fundamental belief that the quality of the relationship between supervisor and supervisee is crucial to the effectiveness of supervision.

I recognise that as a person-centred supervisor I accept my supervisee as a person in process and trust the supervisee’s potential for growth. I hold a clear sense that supervisees are responsible for their practice and that my primary responsibility and task is developmental – the co-creation of a reflective environment with sufficient support and challenge to allow supervisees to grow as mature, competent, ethical, reflective practitioners.

We will have the opportunity to reflect together on the client's process, the counsellor's process and the counselling process. In addition time may be taken to explore your own development - personal and professional. At times it may happen that our personal experiences could spill over into our professional work, therefore it can be helpful to know that space can be taken in supervision to consider these if required.

Focusing on your experiences as a supervisee can involve being open to the exploration of professional and ethical questions. A supervision session may consist of some of the following:

- reflection and expression of the counsellor's experience in relation to clients
- understanding of the client's perspective and experience of the therapy relationship
- the unspoken relationship
- exploring your presence and the use of the therapeutic conditions
- listening to an audio tape of a counselling session
- exploration of theoretical understanding
- understanding the client in context of his culture
- attention to 'self' and personal development
- use of role play
- reflection and review of the supervision relationship

I am open to answer any queries you may have either by phone, email or during an initial meeting. It is important that we feel that there is the 'right fit' between us, so I would encourage you to come along to our initial meeting where we can discuss this together.

If you live at a distance, our sessions can be arranged via video conferencing, Facetime or telephone.

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